Trauma Awareness and Healing
Gladston “Ashok” Xavier and Florina Xavier

March 31 to April 29, 2021
Wednesday and Thursday | 8:00 AM – 10:00 AM, Philippine Time (GMT+8)

The world in which we live is dynamic and complex. As human beings, we are constantly involved in activities that seek to improve ourselves and society. We strive to meet our personal needs and work on bettering society at large. We build systems and structures that are supposed to take care of us as people. We set goals and targets to achieve them. We interact with each other to fulfill our desires. We are often satisfied when our needs are met. We are disappointed when we fail to attain them. In this process, we encounter unexpected moments that cause trauma. At times they leave an indelible mark on our minds and we do not know how to deal with them.

COVID-19 has imposed isolation and mobility restrictions that have taken a toll on people’s emotional and mental health. It has caused unimaginable changes in our lives. The pandemic has subjected us to several shocks and threats that have jolted the human race. It is an example of the vulnerability of human beings against an unseen virus. It has impacted the social, economic, cultural, and political aspects not only on systems, but also on individuals. Stress and trauma are clear byproducts of such an impact. It is in this context this course is planned and designed. This course will provide a window to understand trauma in today’s context and help with tools to deal with it, but this is not a course to heal traumas where therapy is conducted. However, the course will introduce the learner to the concepts of trauma and build a tool kit to help participants deal with and heal trauma.

Participants are expected to dedicate additional hours for readings and reflection outside of the live sessions.

Course Outline:

The interactive five-week module is divided into ten sessions of two hours each.

Week 1: Introduction to the participants and concepts related to trauma.
Week 2: Outline of the nature of trauma in society.
Week 3: The narratives and symbols of hate and hope.
Week 4: Ways to deal and heal trauma.
Week 5: Taking care of yourself and others around you.

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Course Fees

US$550 | PhP26,400

Our Facilitators

Gladston “Ashok” Xavier is an Associate Professor in the Social Work Department of Loyola College in Chennai, India, and has served as the Head of Department and Dean of the Arts Faculties of the same college. He is an expert in the field of conflict and peacebuilding, and has done substantive work providing training on trauma awareness and recovery, arts-based approaches to peacebuilding, sustainable development, strategic planning and management, and restorative justice as well as working with community-based organizations. Ashok has worked extensively in South Asia, providing training to people at the grassroots and policy makers. He has also lectured widely in Asia, Europe and the Americas. Ashok has traveled and worked in Sri Lanka for 14 years where he volunteered with Sri Lankan refugees. At Loyola College, Ashok completed both his Master’s Degree and Doctorate in Social Work. He also holds a MA in Conflict Transformation and Peacebuilding from Eastern Mennonite University in the USA, where he was a Fulbright fellow from 2003 to 2004.

Florina Xavier is currently working with Act for Peace as their Regional Return and Reintegration Advisor taking care of India, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, and Thailand. She conducts workshops on topics that include psychosocial support, arts-based approaches to peacebuilding, sustainable development, strategic planning and management. She also works closely with community-based organizations and has conducted workshops in peacebuilding in several Asian countries, such as Afghanistan, Iran, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka, among others, as well as in countries like Australia, the Netherlands, Sweden and the USA. Florina holds a Master’s Degree and a Doctorate in Social Work from Loyola College in Chennai, India. She also has a Master’s Degree in Conflict Transformation and Peacebuilding from Eastern Mennonite University in the USA, where she was a Fulbright scholar from 2003 to 2004.