The Mindanao Peacebuilding Institute is excited to share with you the launching of the Virtual Peacebuilding Learning Program in 2021! From March to May 2021, MPI will offer six different courses split between these three months. These courses will be arranged in a way that will enable you to enroll and participate in two or three courses concurrently. Together with our facilitators, we have endeavored to develop courses that have relevance and applicability to the present context and to peacebuilders from all walks of life.

These courses will focus on the following themes: conflict transformation, designing peace education, arts in peacebuilding, conflict sensitivity and Do No Harm, trauma healing in online settings, and monitoring and evaluation in peacebuilding. More details regarding the courses and the application process will be shared with you in January 2021. So, stay tuned!

MPI’s Virtual Peacebuilding Learning Program is envisioned to complement the Annual Peacebuilding Training Program and extend MPI’s role as a resource to peacebuilders through digital technologies. This is a new and evolving program. MPI is humbled and grateful for your continued trust and support.

We look forward to having you with us in one of our online courses in the first and second quarter of 2021!

For 20 years, MPI has successfully conducted its Annual Peacebuilding Training program on-site. Each year, over a hundred participants from different parts of the world converged in Davao City to participate in MPI’s three-week training. The COVID-19 pandemic led MPI to explore new directions and ways of conducting trainings through virtual platforms.

This crisis has been an opportunity for MPI to explore other avenues to continue building just and peaceful communities in the Asia-Pacific in order to remain true its mission of being a resource to its network, alumni, and other peacebuilders in the region and around the world. It is in this context that MPI's virtual learning platform emerged.

We invite you to join us, not only for the courses we have lined up, but to explore how we can all stay connected and relevant in this "new normal."

Please Note
The courses below were those offered in 2020. This information is to give you an idea of what the courses for 2021 may be like, but the specific details will vary. Information for new courses will be available sometime in January 2021.


Cultures of Violence, Cultures of Peace

A multi-layered examination of peace and violence from the perspective of culture, addressing questions such as: How are attitudes towards peace and violence reflected in the way cultures enact discipline, security, education, reconciliation, etc.? How are peace and violence reflected in expressions of popular culture and various sub-cultures? How are peace and violence modeled in relationships between different cultures? How might the very idea of culture be questioned through the lens of peace?

Facilitators: Wendy Kroeker and Michael Frank Alar

Dates: September 16 - December 2, 2020
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Arts Building Peace: Creative Approaches in Conflict Transformation

The Arts Building Peace online course will provide participants with the space and tools to tap into and enhance their own individual creative potential and deepen their knowledge and skills in arts approaches to building peace relevant to their contexts. This course gives the opportunity for rich interaction with participants and experienced practitioners from diverse cultures who are engaged in creative approaches in conflict transformation.

Facilitators: Babu Ayindo and Kyoko Okumoto

Dates: September 25 – November 27, 2020
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Peace Education: Designing Pedagogies for Change

Peace education is an essential task of moving a society to a culture of peace. Where and how this education happens is a matter of strategic priority when resources are limited.

Through interactive online-based learning, participants will bring their existing wisdom to the task of thinking through the design, content, and facilitation aspects of peace education for different ages in their settings. This course will involve work outside the synchronous learning sessions. Participants will be presenting their work to the group throughout the course.

Facilitator: Jon Rudy

Dates: October 6 – November 5, 2020
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