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Grassroots Peacebuilding Mentors Training Program

Enhancing Capacities of Grassroots Peacebuilding Mentors

Project Background

Starting in 2018 and completed in 2021, MPI implemented the first phase of the Grassroots Peacebuilding Mentors Training Program, directly contributing to the development of 37 mentors (18 female and 19 male) in South and Southeast Asia. The first phase of the program also engaged and nurtured 71 mentees and partnered with 24 collaborating organizations. The successful completion of the first phase led MPI to initiate the second phase of this program informed by lessons learned and insights gained from the past implementation.

The Grassroots Peacebuilding Mentors Training Program, Phase II, is the continuation of the first phase for another three years. Starting in 2022, the second phase focuses on developing grassroots peacebuilders as mentors who can nurture the skills and capacities of other peacebuilders in their organizations and partner communities. Through mentoring, capacity-building workshops, and accompaniment activities, participating grassroots peacebuilders, and their organizations can deliver their work more effectively and can better respond to the changing dynamics on the ground. In addition, the program will create opportunities and intentional spaces to cultivate a community of mentors that can resource their own context on mentoring and peacebuilding as well as provide mutual support to one another in their mentoring practice beyond the life of the program.

Project Key Activities

During each project year, the mentors undergo the same training and workshops together and are accompanied by MPI in their one-year mentoring journey. Click on the image to the right to see an overview of what the one-year mentoring program looks like and the key major activities involved.

Project Development Partners

Pilot Phase End-of-Project Closing Ceremony

Guidebook for Mentors Book Launching



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