MPI: A Wellspring of Peace

The Mindanao Peacebuilding Institute serves as a wellspring of peace processes and initiatives, and a meeting place of the mind, heart and spirit for individuals who are willing to be pushed to the edge, be challenged by opportunity and be immersed in a diverse learning environment. Far more than just a training institute, MPI is a community of peacebuilders made up of people from all walks of life and coming from various corners of the world, each of whom carries a different perspective, belief system and way of life. They are individuals who practice different religions and who courageously come together in the spirit of trust and solidarity to learn, share, grow and become inspired.

MPI continues to provide those who come into its space with a structured environment for learning new skills and exploring new theories and principles that may sometimes come in conflict with one’s own beliefs. The Institute offers processes that transform these beliefs into new thoughts and ideas for change. MPI is a safe place where one has the chance to listen to and tell his or her stories, a melting pot of ideas and perspectives handled with utmost respect and understanding, a place where beliefs and cultures intermingle and sometimes even clash, but where all are viewed in the light of acceptance and openness.

Participants, now alumni, go home richer; not only with all the things they learned, but also by all the friendships gained. They go home ready to grow even further in their role as peacebuilders, peace advocates or as parents, sisters, brothers and friends, bringing with them the light that will pave the way towards just and peaceful communities wherever they may be.