Opening and Closing Ceremonies

Members of Kaliwat Performing Artists Collective singing an opening numberDiversity—this is one of the words that participants often use to describe their overall MPI experience—an extraordinary opportunity to be in a setting that teems with diversity. This has always been a mainstay of each MPI experience—the openness to acknowledge and accept what is different; and the recognition that, that which makes us unique is something worth celebrating.

At each of the opening ceremonies, MPI is proud to have an Inspirational Speaker who provides added drive and zest to the participants as they embark on an intensive week-long journey of learning.

The closing ceremonies that are conducted every Friday evening of each week formally conclude the week-long training. A key feature of this event is class presentations created by the participants that artistically demonstrate the learning and insights gained by them from their respective courses. Interspersed between these are testimonials offered by selected participants about their experiences at the training.