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Participants in workshopEach year, MPI undergoes a very intentional and systematic process of deliberation and selection of courses to be offered for the Annual Peacebuilding Training. The content, design and methodology of the courses are continually updated, revised or modified to address the needs of participants in terms of knowledge and essential practical skills; while also taking into account the emerging landscape of the different areas of peacebuilding, all in close coordination with the respective facilitators.

In the development of new courses, as well as in reviewing and updating the existing training program, MPI holds fast to the principles of applicability, relevance, necessity and social impact. The Institute keeps informed of and familiarizes itself with the latest theories and concepts on peacebuilding, including the local and regional context, and current issues in Asia-Pacific and the rest of the world. It also values highly the ideas and recommendations put forth by its alumni and training participants that are generated through evaluations and surveys, which in turn are considered in the selection of courses each year.