Primo Mique Fagel, Jr., MJ

Primo Mique Fagel, Jr., MJPrimo Mique Fagel, Jr., MJ is an Ilocano Catholic priest from La Union Province in Luzon, Philippines. He is a member of the Missionaries of Jesus (MJ), an international religious congregation founded in the Philippines. He has been working at the Malita Tagakaulo Mission (MATAMIS) of the Diocese of Digos since 2015. Before being assigned to MATAMIS, Fr. Primo had worked as a missionary in Zambia and Mozambique. In the Philippines, he has worked in Lubang Island in Occidental Mindoro. Fr. Primo was also involved in the ministry of interreligious dialogue in the Prelature of St. Mary in Marawi, Lanao del Sur, Mindanao. He holds a BA degree in Philosophy from Saint Louis University, Baguio City and did his theological formation at the Maryhill School of Theology in Quezon City, Philippines. He speaks Ilocano, Filipino, English, Chibemba, Portuguese, Chiutée, Cebuano and Tagakolu.

Course for 2020: Indigenous Peoples’ Culture-Based Conflict Resolution Practices: Its Potential Contribution to Mainstream Peacebuilding in the Philippines (IPCB) (Field-Based Course)