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Folder Peacebuilding and the Arts

The resources in this category are those related to peacebuilding and the arts.


pdf Conflict Transformation through Culture: Peace-Building and the Arts


Conflict Transformation through Culture: Peace-Building and the Arts

The report for our 2014 session on “Conflict Transformation Through Culture: Peace-building & the Arts” is now available online.

Bringing together 60 artists, activists, policymakers, educators, and cultural actors from 27 countries, the session aimed to consider the role of cultural institutions, from museums and art galleries to film studios, can play in post-conflict reconciliation and forgiveness.

The program was sponsored by the Edward T. Cone Foundation and the Robert Bosch Foundation and it is hoped that participants will foster a new attitude towards the way art presents itself as a catalyst for social impact and social change, particularly in its often underestimated role that the arts can play in peacebuilding strategies.


pdf Living Arts in Post-Conflict Contexts: Practices, Partnerships, Possibilities


Living Arts in Post-Conflict Contexts: Practices, Partnerships, Possibilities

The report from the inaugural session Living Arts in Post Conflict Contexts: Practices, Partnerships, Possibilities is now available online to read, download and share.

In 1975, the Khmer Rouge launched a genocidal regime in which 2 million Cambodians died – including 90% of the artists working in the country. In 2016, the Cambodian art scene, with Phnom Penh at its heart, has reemerged as the country’s population, 60% of whom are under 25, utilize the arts to rebuild, unify, and renew their unique cultural traditions. In collaboration with Cambodian Living Arts and with sponsorship from the Prince Claus Fund for Culture and Development, 45 delegates from 24 countries were invited to discuss the critical challenges facing a post-conflict nation and the role that arts and culture can play as a vehicle for positive change.

Held in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, where post-conflict transformation is a lived reality, the three-day workshop served as a starting point for increased South-South dialogue. The diversity of the delegates’ fields, from cultural renewal and development to youth resilience and social innovation, allowed for a diversity of perspectives in addressing deep-rooted mistrust and challenges faced in the preservation of heritage and cultural identity. The program included plenary sessions, breakout groups, and site visits, which allowed for extensive dialogue concerning art and its unique ability to transform a culture and aid in rebuilding a society.


pdf Navigating the Nexus of Art and Peace Popular


Download (pdf, 11.46 MB)


Navigating the Nexus of Art and Peace

A reflective guide for peacebuilding practitioners and artists working together to transform conflict and inspire creativity

This book is published by Women Peace Makers, where you can also download en epub version (see below). The information below is from their website.

We live in a fragmented world.  We need the courage of these navigators, who with compass in hand, share the deep wisdom that peace is possible when the imagination unfolds in the creative act.” – JOHN PAUL LEDERACH

This book for peacebuilders and artists is a must-read for those seeking out collaboration. Art for peace initiatives are becoming more and more popular as creative approaches are proving their worth to bridge divides and transform conflict in novel and inspiring ways. At the same time, community access and the dynamics of conflict can contribute to artistic inspiration and the opportunity to co-create something absorbing and impactful. Such approaches merit more attention. Peacebuilders and artists come to the table with very distinct priorities and perspectives. This guide brings together artists and peacebuilders to reflect on collaboration and to promote the best possible practices for art for peace and creative peacebuilding through all the tension—and the potential—that lie in the process.

Click here to read: Navigating The Nexus (EPUB – for e-readers)

Navigating the Nexus of Art and Peace (October 2020, 2nd edition)
Authors: Carrie Herbert, Suyheang Kry, Raymond Hyma, Dona Park, and María Antonia Pérez
Foreword by John Paul Lederach
Editor: Melissa Martin
© 2020 Women Peace Makers
This edition has been published with the generous support of the Niwano Peace Foundation – 庭野平和財団 and Pangea Giving.
ISBN: 978-9924-9199-2-6

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