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Folder General Peacebuilding Resources

The resources found here are general publications or materials regarding peacebuilding. As with other materials, they are generally readily available online or we post them with permission. If you have any suggestions for resources we could post here, please contact us.


pdf 198 Actions for Peace Popular


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198 Actions for Peace (November2020).pdf

198 Actions for Peace

This list was compiled by Taylor O'Connor who maintains a blog titled "Everyday Peacebuilding."

default Moving Beyond Multi-Track Diplomacy and Big Man Mediation

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Moving Beyond Multi-Track Diplomacy and Big Man Mediation

Author: Emma Leslie, Shadia Marhaban, Meredith Preston McGhie, Ameya Kilara, Julia Roig, Christine Ahn, and Neha Sanghrajka
Published by: CPCS
Publication date: February 2022

What is mediation in the 21st century? What does it mean to be a peace leader in this time? How could organizations adapt to shocks like pandemics and ever-shifting dynamics? And why should we let go of the “big man” approach to solving conflicts?

We asked seven world-renowned peace leaders at the forefront of 21st-century mediation and peacebuilding to share their experiences and lessons learned to help answer these traditional approaches and inspire those who read it and work for peace everywhere. The writings in this book are excerpted from the 9th Asia Peace Practitioners Research Conference, hosted by the Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies in November 2020. These powerful words and engaging discussions reflect a significant shift in how mediation and peacebuilding are seen.

Videos of each chapter are available.

pdf Pacification or Peacebuilding? Defence, Foreign Policy and Conflict Transformation Popular

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CCTS Pacification Peacebuilding.pdf

Pacification or Peacebuilding? Defence, Foreign Policy and Conflict Transformation

This Review from the Committee for Conflict Transformation Support (CCTA) was recommended by MPI facilitator Joan McGregor. The introduction to this issue of CCTS Review states:

This is an unusual issue of the Review, being a record of an informal workshop, rather than a seminar. There was no paper circulated in advance and there were several, informal opening presentations. The first, by Diana Francis, was given on paper, since her voice was nearly gone. All others were delivered orally. In order to retain their immediacy, we have used direct rather than indirect speech in reporting them. However, they are not literal transcriptions of the talks.

In this article, you will find Diana Francis' presentation on Two World Views: Peacebuilding and Pacification. Those who have taken Joan's course would be familiar with this diagram.

The CCTS review is available from Conciliation Resources. You can find additional CCTS Reviews here.

Image Perspectives on Conflict-Transformation from Peace Activists, Scholars, and Peacebuilders

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Perspectives on Conflict-Transformation from Peace Activists, Scholars, and Peacebuilders

2020 marked the 20th anniversary of the International Institute of Peace and Development Studies – IIPDS. Since its formation in 2000, IIPDS serves as a meeting point of diverse minds, ideologies, professions, gender orientations, languages, religions, and cultures from various countries and continents. In close coordination with ARF, the Institute has built the capacity and empowered thousands of youth, women, children, and young adults and has hosted dozens of workshops, consultations, roundtables, and conferences where senior and junior scholars had the opportunity to exchange ideas and dreams.

In celebration of its 20th anniversary, IIPDS has worked on a publication where senior and junior scholars have contributed to produce more than forty articles around the theme of conflict transformation from the perspectives of peace activists, scholars, and peacebuilders.

Published: January 1, 2021
Editors: Ana-Lina Thoueille, Dr. Clarence J. Dias, Mohammad Abdus Sabur, Nur-E-Jannat Amee, Zineb Naini

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