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Folder Resources for Peacebuilders

The resources you will find here are those that can generally be found in various places around the web, though some are original documents from MPI or our colleagues, facilitators, or resource persons. We have tried to categorize them in ways relevant to MPI alumni and the courses offered during MPI's Annual Peacebuilding Training. Other materials here are linked to their original source and just listed here.

We welcome other resources that you feel could be posted here as long as they are ones that can be made publically available or are in the public domain. If you would like to share something here, please contact us.


Folder General Peacebuilding Resources
Folder Training Manuals
Folder Peace Education
Folder Peacebuilding Narratives
Folder Geographic Related
Folder Peacebuilding Journalism
Folder Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning
Folder Gender and Peacebuilding
Folder Peacebuilding and Religion/Interreligious Dialogue
Folder Peacebuilding and the Arts
Folder Peacebuilding and the Environment
Folder Active Nonviolence
Folder Conflict Sensitivity/Do No Harm
Folder Grassroots Peacebuilding Mentors Training Program
Folder Peacebuilding and Youth
Folder Peacebuilding and Human Rights
Folder Peacebuilding and New Media/Technologies
Folder Resource-Based Conflict
Folder Peacemaker's Toolkit
Folder Transitional Justice


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