Books and publications on the environment/ecology (not necessarily directly related to peacebuilding).

Cover Title Authors Rating Hits Status
cover Title: Promoting Socially and Economically Just Energy Transformations in Asia Authors: Miranda A. Schreurs, Julia Balanowski Rating: 0 Hits: 40 Status: Available
cover Title: malaysian palm oil - green gold or green wash?: a commentary on the sustainability claims of malaysia’s palm oil lobby, with a special focus on the state of sarawak Authors: Friends of the Earth International Rating: 0 Hits: 64 Status: Available
cover Title: Communities, Conservation, and the Filipino Environmentalist Authors: Sylvia R. Mesina, Aida Jean N. Manipon Rating: 0 Hits: 64 Status: Available
cover Title: Living More With Less Authors: Doris Janzen Longacre Rating: 0 Hits: 64 Status: Available
cover Title: Common Problems, Uncommon Solutions Authors: Marshall S. Berdan, Judith P.A. Pasimio Rating: 0 Hits: 67 Status: Available
cover Title: Getting through the humps and red lights that hinder the advance of green energy Authors: Wilson Fortaleza, Ted Aldwin Ong, Maitet Diokno, Job Bordamonte Rating: 0 Hits: 70 Status: Available
cover Title: Community-based Renewable Energy towards Sustainable Grassroots Communities Authors: Porferio R. Jabla, Jr. Rating: 0 Hits: 79 Status: Available
cover Title: Poverty, Wealth and Ecology in Asia and the Pacific Authors: Rosario Guzman, Athena Peralta Rating: 0 Hits: 80 Status: Available
cover Title: Fostering partnership for the Environment Authors: Sylvia Mesina (Supervising Editor) Rating: 0 Hits: 102 Status: Available
cover Title: Development of Palm Oil Plantation Based on Greenhouse Gases: Critical Perspectives Authors: Bambang Hero Saharjo (Editor) Rating: 0 Hits: 124 Status: Available
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