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Mindanao Tales

Mindanao Tales is the collection of inspiring stories on Mindanao and its people. It hopes to give the present generation a deep understanding of how human relationships undivided by faith and origin are possible. The stories feature the gentler,often unheard-of side of Mindanao. Reconnecting to the best in Mindanao's past can stir the rediscovery of the seeds of peace that might help in healing the wounds of division, of war, of conflict, of discrimination.

Cover Title Authors Rating Hits Status
cover Title: Ang Babaeng Naging Kalabaw Authors: Richelin Tolones Rating: 0 Hits: 1369 Status: Available
cover Title: Ang Unang Mosque sa Pilipinas Authors: Hon. Perdausi Mandul, et. al. Rating: 0 Hits: 1689 Status: Available
cover Title: Koyu Kekem Authors: Maylin Candan (Project Leader) Rating: 0 Hits: 1148 Status: Available
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