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MPI Library

Indigenous Peoples

Books and publications related to Indigenous Peoples, conflicts and peacebuilding

Cover Title Authors Rating Hits Status
cover Title: AGENDA FOR INDIGENOUS PEOPLES’ FOOD SECURITY: Assert Indigenous People’s Rights to Land and Resources Authors: EED-Philippine Partners\' Task Force for Indigenous Peoples\' Rights (EED-TFIP) Rating: 0 Hits: 976 Status: Available
cover Title: Batasan Adansil: Customary Laws of the Higaonon Tribe in Iligan City Authors: Kagsabuwa Hu Kalinaw Daw Kalambuan (KAGSABUWA), Inc. Rating: 0 Hits: 1232 Status: Available
cover Title: Biocultural Community Protocols: A Toolkit for Community Facilitators Authors: Holly Schrumm, et al. Rating: 0 Hits: 1063 Status: Available
cover Title: Conflicting Laws, Overlapping Claims: the politics of indigenous peoples' land rights in Mindanao Authors: Aida T. Vidal Rating: 0 Hits: 1166 Status: Available
cover Title: Culture Matters: Cordillera Culture, Arts and Environment Authors: Lucia B. Ruiz Rating: 0 Hits: 1232 Status: Available
cover Title: Customary Laws and free prior and informed consent Authors: Luchie Maranan Rating: 0 Hits: 856 Status: Available
cover Title: Dunong at batas : documenting indigenous wisdom and customary law Authors: Maria Elena Regpala, et al. Rating: 0 Hits: 852 Status: Available
cover Title: General Guidelines on the Confirmation of IPS and the Registration of IPOs of 2012, The Authors: National Commission on Indigenous Peoples Rating: 0 Hits: 1155 Status: Available
cover Title: Indigenous Peoples: In pursuit of their freedom and security Authors: Rina Angela P. Corpus Rating: 0 Hits: 1133 Status: Available
cover Title: Initial Comments on National Commission on Indigenous Peoples Guidelines on Free and Prior and Informed Consent Authors: Ingrid Rosalie L. Gorre Rating: 0 Hits: 1196 Status: Available
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