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It was a wonderful opportunity for me to participate at MPI 2018. MPI is a great place for gathering peacebuilders together, who have the same vision of doing peace work for our communities. MPI creates a network between many people around the world that keeps them in touch and enables them to learn, share and act together. My MPI experience helped me to acquire skills to learn how to solve problems in the workplace among people who have different backgrounds, perspectives, religions and cultures.
Date of Posting: 21 November 2018
Posted By: Pavina Hanthongxay
Executive Assistant, Mennonite Central Committee; 2018 Participant, Lao People's Democratic Republic
Thank you for organizing the training and for the good work that MPI is doing not only for the Philippines and Asia, but also for the entire world! My time at MPI has not been in vain because I have learned a lot just from observation, sharing of experiences and the courses I have taken. It has been great being at MPI and benefitting from the training.
Date of Posting: 21 November 2018
Posted By: Francis Lokwiya
Secretary General, Acholi Religious Leaders Peace Initiative (ARLPI); 2018 Participant, Uganda
Beyond the skills and knowledge I gained, MPI 2018 helped me to self-reflect and ascribe equal value to creating space and respect for others, confirming that humanity is the heart of peacebuilding and peace keeping.
Date of Posting: 21 November 2018
Posted By: Christina Nancy Alexander
Assistant Professor; Women’s Christian College; 2018 Participant, India
MPI helped me regain my identity as a peacebuilder – by truly embracing me, valuing me, and encouraging me. The entire MPI community re-generated my confidence to become a peacebuilder once again. Now the professional and personal growth I gained together with the MPI community is motivating me to the next way I can be of service to humanity.
Date of Posting: 21 November 2018
Posted By: Jiro Okada
Former Protection Officer Nonviolent Peaceforce – South Sudan; Researcher; 2018 Participant, Japan
Attending the MPI Annual Training was one of the best experiences for me. It provided me the opportunity of celebrating diversity through meeting new friends from Philippines, Myanmar, India, Pakistan, and other countries across the world. It is energizing to have a new family of alumni who are still together even to this day. I am looking forward to one day giving something back to MPI.
Date of Posting: 21 November 2018
Posted By: Edwin Adrianta Surijah
Lecturer, Universitas Dhyana Pura; 2018 Participant, Indonesia
MPI never fails to address the needs of peacebuilders, who are continuously searching for emerging peacebuilding approaches. During MPI 2018, we shared best practices with different peacebuilding workers around the globe, especially those working in conflict-affected areas. The key principles taught in the Active Nonviolence course have been useful in my daily routine as a young peacebuilder.
Date of Posting: 21 November 2018
Posted By: Nasserudin D. Dunding
Nonviolent Conflict Transformation Worker in the Bangsamoro forumZFD; 2018 Participant; 2016 Secretariat Volunteer, Philippines
MPI is a great place to go if you want to learn about peacebuilding and become an agent of peace. MPI has provided me the learning environment to interact with a passionate group of peacebuilders, visionaries, and co-learners that have not only broadened my perspectives and enhanced my capacities, but also let me discover my potentials to be an agent of peace.
Date of Posting: 21 November 2018
Posted By: Ambrose Christy Anandaraj
Consultant – India Programme, Mensen met een Missie; 2018 Participant, India
I have had great moments and made memorable friends at MPI's Annual Peacebuilding Training! I have attended MPI twice. Each time I was there, it was like I was walking in a fresh market that had so many things to look at and pick from. At the same time, I had to pick three significant things for me so I could make a great dinner! I have learned various tools and methods that we use to deal with conflict. The training kept expanding my horizon on how to engage people based on the dynamics of religion and culture. It was worth investing my time and money there!
Date of Posting: 26 January 2018
Posted By: Mr Vongsone Xaythanith
A Project Officer of Mittapab Group, Mennonite Central Committee; 2016 & 2017 Participant, Vientiane capital, Laos
MPI was one of the best experiences for me. I worked with an impeccable team that struck the balance between professionalism and friendliness. They really gave me a home away from home. The facilitators are amazing at what they do and every participant usually leaves at the end of the week, not only with new insight, but as a new person. This training is highly recommended for someone looking to pursue/augment their peace knowledge and network.
Date of Posting: 08 December 2017
Posted By: Babu Biko
Biko is a communications head at Community for Justpeace Practitioners- Kenya and was a photographer, videographer and class assistant of MPI 2015, Nairobi
At MPI, I was introduced to a passionate community of peacebuilders, visionaries, and life-long learners who are warmly welcoming and, oftentimes, too excited about peacebuilding to sit still. MPI taught me a lot of things – practical skills at approaching interfaith dialogue, tools for transforming conflict, and the combined art of listening with patience and acting with sensitivity, to name just a few – but most of all, MPI showed me what it means to grow in loving community together.
Date of Posting: 29 November 2017
Posted By: Harrison Horst
Student, Eastern Mennonite University; 2017 Secretariat Volunteer;, United States of America

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