Building Peace: Youth at the Heart of Peace Work

Cover of Youth at the Heart of Peace Work with youth from AfricaBuilding peace means contemplating a peaceful future, thinking about better ways for the peoples of a community to live together, initiating processes to address the sources of conflict, analysing past grievances and implementing actions for more stability and justice. Can we build the future without youth? This brochure addresses the role of African youth in peace work, the hurdles and sources of potential. Young people very often find themselves in the centre of conflicts, either as desperate perpetrators of violence, as the pawns of power-hungry manipulators, or as members of an armed group as a means to make a living.

That information is from the introduction to Building Peace: Youth at the Heart of Peace Work, a publication by Bread for the World – Protestant Development Service. If you work with youth anywhere in the world, this will be a very helpful resource. It is available on their website at or you can doownload it directly from here:

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