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Christmas in APC

Our friends at the Apu Palamguwan Cultural Education Center shared their recent newsletter that included this article on Christmas in APC. They shared, "Christmas in APC is a celebration of peace and an expression of gratitude, according to APC Deputy School Manager Mercy Pakiwag."

Being part of APC is an opportunity to discover ourselves, and because we have the ability to teach, even though some of us we didn’t finish a degree, we can render service to the children in our community. We are all thankful for being able to identify and sustain our culture, discovering the core values of being Pulangiyēn: seeking sustainability in helping each other, caring for our land and water, being honest, understanding, caring each other and being peace-minded.

In the Philippines, Christians celebrate Christmas, remembering the birth of our savior Jesus Christ. It is the season where all Filipino people unite, families come together as those abroad come home.

As Pulangiyēn, we also celebrate Kaamulan, a thanksgiving for the graces that we received during the year. We have Panalangin, thanksgiving for the harvest and many other celebrations. We join in Christmas caroling, simbang-gabi, advent vigil of nine early evenings (for us) and of course noche buena on the 24th of December. We hope you enjoyed the true peace and joy of Christmas.

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