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Peace Channel Confers Peace Award 2020

Peace Channel in commemorating the Foundation Day cum 13th Peace Knit Fest on 21st September 2020 at North East Institute of Social Sciences and Research (NEISSR) Conference Hall, Dimapur Nagaland conferred Ms. Seno Tsuhah as Peace Awardee 2020 for her contributions towards addressing issues of Women Rights, good Governance, Natural Resource Management and Sustainable Livelihood in Nagaland. Seno Tsuhah is a member of North East Network, a women’s rights organization in NER India. She has 20 years of experience working with grassroots communities of Nagaland particularly women, in mobilizing and organizing, awareness raising, capacity building, research & documentation and advocacy. Her engagement with ecological issues ranges from strategic policy advocacy with village institutions, state, regional and national networks, to mobilizing young people in cultural and environmental audio visual documentation and enabling women farmers in strengthening the practice of ecological farming and sustainable livelihoods.

Dr. Fr. C.P. Anto presenting award to Ms. Seno Tsuhah with others looking onDirector of Peace Channel Dr. Fr. C.P. Anto while giving his welcome notes thanked almighty God with joy and deep sense of gratitude for all His blessings in providing so many good people who have become part and parcel of this Peace Movement. He also thanked special guest Smt. Avonou Kire, EAC, Development Dimapur Nagaland; Religious and Civil society leaders and all the stake holders of the movement.

The 2020 theme for International Day of peace is “Shaping Peace Together”. The Director urged the congregation to celebrate the day by spreading compassion, kindness and hope in the face of the pandemic and appealed to the society build peace and reconciliation with all conflicting parties and promote dialogue to settle the differences. As Peace Channel has been focused to build peace among children though peace clubs, youth though peer mediation and adult throughpeace team Forum, if we work consistently and systamatically we can together make Nagaland a most peaceful state in the country by 2030.

Smt. Avonuo Kire, EAC, Dimapur appreciated the organisation for their initiatives they have been taking by commenting for their efforts towards inculcating core values in the youth because it’s when where in the school/college going age we are like sponges where we absorb our surroundings and ideas around us. So giving the opportunity to be in the Peace Club, Peer Mediation team helps to form their core value system. She believes that the initiatives that they are taking now will bring fruit in the future. She appreciate the interfaith meet because she strongly believe that in the society as diverse as Dimapur in the true spirit of pluralism representatives of every religion should give them a voice at the sit in the table- this is very important and She believe that coming together and having conversations even debates that’s how we come to understand each other. And she hope that this Inter Faith Meet shares perspectives, ideas hoping that we will discuss ways to tackle pandemic because what we are seeing this time is that there is a lot of fear, discrimination against frontline workers, returners, Covid-19 positive patients and their family. This issue cannot be eradicated from Government order it should come from our heart. The religious leaders should play a major role in making people understand and show compassion to this entire people. 2020 has been a challenging year for all of us but on the contrary it has giving us a chance to retrospect and access our priorities and look into our mental health. It has also given her a chance to work with various organisations, leaders; they have come together to put in any way they can whether it be by distribution of ration to the needy, providing counselling for the returnees and people in quarantine. We should reach out in the true spirit of morality without any bias. She also thanked peace channel for recognizing persons who work for peace in the society and having awarded all these time. She hoped that this dialogue can set our differences aside and in the theme of shaping peace together lets fight this pandemic and grow to learn about each other and understand each as we grow.

Ms Seno Tsuhah in her acceptance speech expressed her gratitude to peace channel for honoring her with the award while sharing that she accepts the award on behalf many thousands of women with whom she travelled together - resilient women farmers who practice ecological agriculture, women artisans, women vendors, community elders and custodian knowledge holders who have been sustaining lives. She acknowledged the contribution and role of these community people who continue to share the message of acknowledged the contribution and role of these community people who continue to share the message of peace by passing down traditional knowledge to the younger generation and building inter-generational solidarity. She further expressed her hope in taking forward the society when we have good leaders in the government, faith based organisations and other many institutions. She called on the need to come together collectively in order to build peace in the world. Her message for the auspicious day is that the world needs healing, not just people but our planet- mother earth, and more than any other time, during this pandemic crisis, we need to reconcile and make peace with mother earth.

The special Attractions of the Day were Peace Award ceremony, Inter Faith meet and Launching of Peace Channel Publications. The session was moderated by Ms. Vitono Haralu, Trainer cum Consultant. Ms. Temsuyala Longkumer did a reading from different scriptures; the occasion was graced with lightning of the lamp by Special Guest Smti Avonou Kire, EAC, Development Dimapur along with Director of Peace Channel Dr. Fr. C.P Anto, Project manager Miss Garrol Lotha and other religious leaders.

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