The Peacebuilders as new name of ICF E-newsletter

The Interfaith Cooperation Forum has published the maiden issue of the ICF e-newsletter with a new name, pdf The Peacebuilders (962 KB) . They write:

We are all called to be peacebuilders - whatever our faith tradition, class, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, and nationality, among others. As peacebuilders, we know that we cannot have genuine and enduring peace if there is no justice in all dimensions of our lives - be it social, political, economic, and religio-cultural. These are all intertwined. Moreover, our lives are inevitably interconnected with the Earth and Earth rights. There is no community apart from Earth community, which is the context of our peacebuilding efforts. Yet, peacebuilders must also do self-criticism and examine our complicity in bringing unpeace and injustice to our communities though our prejudices, language, behaviors, and lifestyles. Faith must be translated to actions towards the realization of peace. "The Peacebuilders" is deemed an action-oriented name, and also one that keeps us challenged.

Cover page of The Peacebuilders Vol. 1. No. 1Download Volume 1, Number 1 of The Peacebuilders here

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