Mr. Chandu Agarwal and Fr. Dr. C.P Anto conferred Rotary National Peace Award 2017

On stage for peace award with pictures behindTwo prominent philanthropists and social activists who have been serving the people in the society for their upliftment, education and welfare activities were conferred Rotary National Peace Award at the hands of RTN Paul Netzel (Trustee Chair Elect, The Rotary Foundation) on the occasion of International Understanding and Peace Symposium (IUPS) held at Pune, India From 18th – 19th February 2017.

Mr. PDG Chandu Kumar Agarwal has been working with Rotary as a Past District Governor and more specifically promoter of National peace though RID 3240, north east. Rotary focuses on bringing peace to this world and the Rotarians have taken a major step by uniting people of different Religion, Cultures, professions who come together on a single platform to promote the concept of peace. Sir was also awarded the outstanding Social Leader Award by the Government of Nagaland consecutively for two years in 2012 and 2013 for his undying support and assistance. Sir believes in propagating inner peace so that it can serve as the foundation for the world peace. Sir being associated with Rotary has worked tirelessly towards peace and conflict resolution, one of Rotary’s six areas of focus, he advocated the peace fellowships given by rotary each year and in the year 2015-2016, during his governorship, Rotary International district 3240 had sent out 5 people for study. He has promoted education and well being of all, encouraged availability of the basic need like proper food, clothing and shelter to the needy in the community, so as to generate a sense of satisfaction and belongingness and thereby develop inner peace. He also envisioned a world where every mindset, every lifestyle, every tradition, every culture, and every heart will be equal, exalted and united in peace.

Showing the peace award to all presentFr. Dr. C.P Anto has been honoured in recognition of his long and dedicated service as Founder and Director of Peace Channel, a youth peace movement of third millennium and Founder-Principal of North East Institute of Social Sciences and Research (NEISSR) a post graduate social work Institute promoting peace and conflict transformation studies in Nagland and North East India. The Peace Channel is an initiative of the diocese of Kohima in mobilizing the youth for building peace and engaging them as indispensible contributors who would ensure a future devoid of violent conflicts. The movement utilizes a multi-pronged strategy forming youth Peace Clubs, promoting peace education in the educational institutions, encouraging cultural integration through peace festivals and inter-religious meet. The movement has now a network of over 250 peace clubs in educational institutions and localities of the districts of Nagaland and has also made foray into the neighbouring states of Assam, Manipur and Arunachal Pradesh reaching out to over 100,000 youth. He has trained over 1200 teachers and 1450 religious and community leaders on dialogue, peace education, techniques of conflict transformation skills, and human rights etc., The initiatives of the movement focus on collective learning, sharing and action for social change among the youth belonging to different tribes, region, religions and communities to live in peace and harmony by transforming the culture of violence in to culture of peace through various strategies. The Peace Channel and NEISSR family congratulate the organisers especially Rtn. Dr. Pradeep Warg and Mr. Nitin Naik of Pune 3131 and both Mr. Chandu and Fr.Anto for being a source of aspiration to all of us.

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