Capacitation on Peace Building to Prevent Violent Conflicts

Participants listening to speakerPeace Channel conducted one day Capacity Building programme for its peace club leaders, members and teacher coordinators on October 10, at the Peace Channel Conference Hall, Dimapur.

While addressing the gathering Rev. Dr. C. P. Anto the director of Peace Channel and Principal NEISSR said that we need to capacitate the youth and adult on peace building, conflict resolutions and techniques of conflict transformation like peace education, dialogue negotiation etc.,. He also stressed on the role of government and nongovernment organization in the process of finding solutions for the existing conflicts and preventing future conflicts. He gave the importance of ‘Peace Education’ in the context of Nagaland. It is the means to accept and respect the differences and fight for all forms of exclusivists thinking.

Participants at capacity building for peaceHe also educated the participants on four steps methodology of peace channel in promoting peace, namely Information, Formation, Transformation and Evaluation. While explaining he said that information help us to understand and create awareness, formation enables one to get educated and capacitated on the seven principles and seven values of the movement leading to build peaceful environment, transformation empowers them to action for peace and the evaluation strengthens and assess every day how our relationship with God, people and environment. It emphasizes on inner peace to universal peace. The teaching is done in the context of using the traditional method of skill development of youth by training them in Morung. As peace builders we need to change our attitude and perceptions for peaceful and harmonious living, while accepting the individuality as one tribe, religion and sex we merge ourselves in to the bigger identity as human beings. One cannot alter the past but one can change what is to come. He ended his talk with an inspiring quote ‘aspire to inspire before you expire’.

Mr. Kishor Dass the DPO Dan, enlightened the gathering on the topic the power of meditation. A short session on how to meditate also was conducted, with some tips as the alternative therapy to heal all our hurts and wounds. “You are the master of your mind ”, we can achieve all what we need through meditation said Mr. Kishor . He encouraged the students to become initiators and aspires to achieve permanent peace.

“Peace education has given me a start a new beginning. At first I did not know how to be a peace builder, but through this program I have gained a lot of knowledge and hope to become a better peace leader’, said Akhumlila, student of MGM Hr. Sec. School. The programme helped the students enhance their abilities in promoting peace by giving guidelines on how to proceed this initiation and encourage others as well to join this peace building. Rev. Sr. Sudha did the invocation, Ms. Atu welcomed the gathering and many students and teachers shared their life changing experience in peace channel.

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