Students listening to speakers at Passion for Excellence Program

Passion for Excellence Programme Held

Assisi Hr. Sec. School, Dimapur organized one day Passion for Excellence Programme for the Class VII - XII students of the school, on the 30th May 2015. While welcoming the gathering Rev. Sr. Benny Fernandez, the principal of the school said that we can achieve if we are rightly motivated even beyond what seems to be impossible. She welcomed the resource person, Rev. Dr. C.P. Anto, Principal of NEISSR and Director of Peace Channel and his team.

While addressing the youth the resource person said that we all have a mission and purpose to live and need to accomplish certain mission in our life. Education should enable all of us to live our life happily and help people to live a contented life. As we learn and interact with our friends we need to consciously work to build peace and positive energy around us. It should begin from us being a proactive person in the school and in the family respectively. He also introduced the six magic formulas for successful life. One of the six principles of success driven life was the importance of goal setting. Setting a goal in our life can enhances one’s performance level, makes one happy and generous. It controls ones’ feelings and emotions and it helps one to be focused. Dreams transform into thoughts, and thoughts result in action.” The resource person pointed out 5 Ds Direction, Dedication, Determination, Discipline, Deadlines to achieve goal.

He also stressed on the importance of facing fear and converting the negative energy in to positive. In our interaction with family and other members in the society we face with different types of persons with different personalities, but as an educated person we all train our mind constantly to generate positive energy to make our families and school a place of peace and mould oneself to face all kinds of fear factors by facing it with skills and courage rather than avoiding it. Ms. Judith Huidina and the NEISSR students kept the students energized with peace games and other activities.

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