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This is an invitation to join Peace and Collaborative Development Network (http://internationalpeaceandconflict.org), a rapidly growing social enterprise that gathers over 34,000 professionals, organizations and students engaged in social change, development, peace, conflict resolution, gender, social entrepreneurship and related fields. We provide a one stop shop to inspire, connect, inform and provide the tools and resources to scale social change.

PCDN provides practical tools to advance social change, funding and career resources, peer networks opportunities and online and offline events.

Becoming a member is fast, easy and free. Please, take a minute to visit and explore the network.



  • Approximately 30% of PCDN's visitors come from North America, the rest represent nearly every country
  • Since PCDN was founded in June 2007 over 4,000,000 unique visitors have visited the network
  • Advertisers are reporting increases of 10-200% in traffic from PCDN


PCDN has been in existence for almost seven years since launching in June of 2007. The network has rapidly grown and become one of the leading sites in conflict, development and international affairs. Site membership is rapidly growing, currently reaching over 34,000 and is attracting over 300,000 hits per month. PCDN has helped thousands of individuals and organizations worldwide network, obtain fellowships, jobs, undertake new research projects and explore social change, development, peace building, social entrepreneurship and related fields.

What others say about PCDN

Scott Beale, Founder & CEO, Atlas Corps
PCDN is vital to the work of Atlas Corps as we recruit professionals from around the world. It has also become a network builder as the majority of our Fellows use PCDN to forward their long-term professional goals. Since Atlas Corps started in 2006, PCDN has helped us reach more than 130 countries as we receive on average 500 to 1,000 applications a month.

Jose Zalaquet, Head of the MOOC Chile Project. Lawyer, Universidad de Chile.
PCDN has been a tremendous resource in our recruiting for our online course on Human Rights Education. In fact PCDN was the third largest source of Traffic to our site after Amnesty International and the Chilean Museum of History

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