Educational Institutions as Peace Zones Participants

Educational Institutions as Peace Zones

A new batch of Peace Channel Club members were inducted at Assisi Hr. Sec. School, Dimapur on 3rd March, 2015. The chief guest, Rev. Fr. C.P. Anto, Director Peace Channel and Principal of NEISSR exhorted the gathering saying that all the Peace Club institutions should remain as a place of peace. Where all forms of discrimination is reduced and harmonious living is enhanced. He encouraged the members to create the school a place of peace by striving to prevent all forms of violent conflicts. He also spoke on the importance of peace education and conflict resolution skills. He demonstrated it with an example of a rubber band which breaks when stretched beyond a point. Conflict is natural but when it is stretched too much it will break. In the same way, relationship breaks when each individual claims to be righteous over the other individual/ groups but relationship gets closer when there is mutual respect for each other. He also quoted Mother Teresa's words that Peace begins with a smile and thus, urged the students to show good gestures with one another to create an environment of Peace.

He also appreciated the principal Rev. Sr. Benny Fernadez and all the teacher coordinators for their active involvement in the peace building initiative. Rev. Fr. C.P. Anto also spoke the seven expected out come of the Peace Channel programmes in all the villages and educational institutions by the end of the years 2015. The members of the peace club are expected to be non violent communicators and empowered leaders who in turn promote others leadership qualities. The members of the club will be trained to be proactive rather than reactive in their life situations. They strive to make the institutions and communities a peace zones by preventing all forms of violent conflicts. They develop God given talents by making use of all the opportunities and platform given and created by the movement. They strive to develop positive outlook towards life by eliminating negative energy circulated. Capacitate all the members to be courageous and develop confidence and their life coping skills to live in peace with oneself and others in the community. Enlighten all the members to accept all as the children of same God irrespective of tribe, religion, region, class and sex and stop all forms of discrimination. And lastly create awareness on various social issues and protect them from drug abuse, HIV/AIDS and all forms of unhealthy practices and promote them as promoters of life.

The highlights of the program were prayer by Atokali & Co, dance by Cl- 6 & 7, welcome address by Eshom, choreography by Cl -9 girls, peace speech by Kivishe & Sandhya, fancy dress by Cl- 5, 6 & 7 and vote of thanks was proposed by Hopeto. The program was chaired by Hinato and Toyika. Rev. Sr. Benny also thanked the initiative of the movement to create a peaceful environment in the school. There were 150 members pledged to promote peace.

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