Pray for peace and lasting solution in Nagaland

Peace club leaders and volunteers of Peace Channel family during the evaluation and planning for the peace programmes for 2014-2016  Peace Channel assessing the present scenario of the state, the founder- director, Rev. C.P. Anto, while exhorting the staff, peace club leaders and volunteers of Peace Channel family during the evaluation and planning for the peace programmes for 2014-2016 on the 28th – 29th 2014. In his message said that we are in a climax of settling the issue once and for all. The visit of Prime minister and the helpless situation of ouryouth and the people in the state has reached its saturated point. Now we need the lasting solution for our youth andchildren to have meaningful life like other children and youth in the other parts of the country. For that we need to pray, pray earnestly that our leaders will sit together fordialogue and reconciliation, for a lasting and inclusive solution for the long standing issue of our people. As we all know our family of peace lovers consists of over forty thousand children and youth along with a good number of teachers, volunteers and members of Peoples’ Forum for Peace (PFP). The main objective of this forum is to prevent conflicts in the villages and communities; they are members from different religions, communities and professions. C. P. Anto, also said that if we all actively involved in peace building we can have solution to it soon. He also handled a session on peace building in multi-cultural and religious society.

Input session with participantsThe first input session was given by Mr. Robert Liangmang, Asst. Professor of NEISSR. He explained about the Problem Tree Analysis. Describing the advantages of it, he emphasized the importance of having a systematic analysis of problems in every turn of life. The modality of preparing the Problem Tree and converting it into an Objective Tree was demonstrated with examples. They came up with Problem Trees on issues like Child Labour, Child and women exploitation, tobacco, drug and alcohol abuse, human rights violation, environment exploitation, school drop outs, and unemployment and unemployability of our educated youth also was brought out during the group work.

After the Group Discussion four important points were chosen as the area of focus for the next year activities of Peace Channel. They are: Combating Violence, Tobacco and Alcoholism, School Dropouts, Protection and Preservation of Culture and Environment and Unemployment & Unemployability were the serious issues to be handles coming years. The members also suggested to strengthen the net work with government and nongovernmental organizations while implementing the activity plan and at the same time we need to work very hard to elicit maximum talents and special competency among the youth to build peace. 

The two days of work shop concluded with peace celebration and evaluation of the days’ activities. Each participant shared their experiences, success stories and hardship in peace building. Ms. Anishe Yeptho coordinator proposed vote of thanks and Mr. Ahel Vitsu did the concluding prayer.

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