Participants at Heralding Peace activity

Heralding Peace Through Empathy

Lasting Peace Possible through Empathy says Kekhriesalie Vizo

A Youth Peace and Cultural Festival was organized by Peace Channel in collaboration with the Planning and Co-ordination Government of Nagaland and Nehru Yuva Kendra (NYK). It was held at Alder College, Kohima, on 8 of November 2014, under the theme "Heralding Peace through Empathy."

 Shri. Kekhriesalie D. VizoThe program was graced by Shri. Kekhriesalie D. Vizo, ITS Commissioner and Secretary IT and CEO NECGS Nagaland Civil Secretariat as the Chief Guest at the inaugural function. In his speech, he said that peace is the presence of harmony without any conflict. Giving glory to God is important to have peace on Earth. Keeping the Empathy philosophy in mind, it is the most appropriate to bring Peace in Nagaland as most of us have faced the same kind of situations for so many years and understand each other's feeling and hardship. He also emphasized that Nagaland has to bring its own formula for durable peace that is to bring peace through Empathy. Peace and Security go together and advancement of human liberty and dignity strengthen the cause of World Peace. As such peace should not be brought at the cost of human liberty and dignity. Our forefathers were strong men and women who faced war and conflict yet they fought and paved the way for peace for us. He encouraged the younger generation to improve upon it through empathy not only in Nagaland but the world at large. Real and lasting peace is possible through empathy, trying to understand and enter into another's feelings. We need to put ourselves in to the shoes of the other persons perspective will make all of us promote peace, he said.

The Director of Peace Channel, Fr. C.P. Anto, also spoke on the occasion. In his message he said that youth who can be the harbingers of change in the context of violence are emerging in an unprecedented manner in human society. Looking at the world today, any sensible person feels disheartened and even horrified to see the kind of violent act being committed by man against man. If we analyze in the animal kingdom, we don't see often same species killing its own kind. There is so much of disorder and confusion in the society today. The urgent need that he feels is to bring lasting peace in the minds and hearts of individuals and societal life by promoting peace education, an education to build relationships.

Shri. Lucas Meyase, Former Director of Education spoke on theme "Heralding Peace through Empathy." In his message he exhorted the youth to be herald of Peace in the midst of violent conflicts. One can be the messengers and advocates of peace if one is peaceful and passionate to build it. It is possible through transforming oneself to transform society. At the same time, as peace lovers and promoters we should not transfer hatred to one generation to another, but we need to transfer peace. He also said that peace without truth and justice is poison.

Mr. Hovithal Southu, the Director of Disaster Management ATI, spoke on the topic "Your Culture Your Identity." He carried the youth sitting lots of personal experiences and said that different elements that constitute our culture like, symbols, language, beliefs and norms etc. He also enlightened the participants on the sources of identity and types of identity.

The event also witnessed Cultural Exchange program, Talent show and Mr. & Ms. Ethnic Beauty where Miss. Ashmita Lama (LFHSS) & Mr. Niboto (RGHSS) were crowned as the winners. A Folk Tune was presented by Snowy Peace Club of Kohima Village. The Program was chaired by Ms.Nancy Neikha and welcome speech was delivered by Mr.Victor Yhome, Convener of PFP Kohima. The vote of thanks was pronounced by Mr. Neingusalie, Co-convenor of PFP Kohima. Around three hundred and fifty youth participated from different colleges, schools and localities of Kohima District.

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