Children at Youth Peace & Cultural Festival 2014

Youth Peace & Cultural Festival held at Wokha

We share with you here news from Peace Channel, part of our network, that was developed with the help of MPI alumnus Fr. C.P. Anto. Check out their Facebook page at

Peace Channel, a youth peace movement in view of engaging, empowering and enabling the youth to build peace in all conflict situations, Peace Channel family of Wokha district, organized a day celebration at DBHSS Youth Center, Wokha, with the theme "Inspiring Change Towards a Violence Free World".

The day's progrmame commenced with invocation by Mr. Wonchio Ngullie, Yoth Director WVBC. The keynote was delivered by Miss Mhalo Ezung. In her address, she exhorted the youth to be the peace builders and change makers in the society. Mr. Amos Odyuo KSU, president Wokha, greeted the gathering and said, "everyone has the right to liberty and security. As human we are entitled to live free and as we choose. Peace is our rightful claim and to have peace we should all work towards it." Mr. L,evi V Sumi, Project Coordinator of Peace Channel, briefed about Peace Channel activities and he also encourage the gathering he said, there is no way to Peace, Peace is the only way. The most important thing to remember when we talk about peace is love. Love and peace are inseparable.

Shri. Robin Lotha, Deputy Commissioner, Wokha, was Chief Guest. In his message, he encouraged and challenged the youth to realize the value of peace and work together to give peace a chance. He said that, even though we talk about peace very often, in reality there is very little space to express peace. He also said, peace doesn't come easy and it cannot be bought but it is still possible if we all work together, leaving aside our pity differences. He went on to say that, all our problems can be solved only when we practice and put peace in our hearts. Peace begins with individual.

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Mr. Wobenthung .J. Patton, Superintendent, Observation Home (social welfare), Wokha, as the Guest of Honour. In his speech he addressed the youth as the harbingers of change in our society. It is the youth who can bring lasting peace in the state. The initiative should begin here. He appreciated the noble initiative of the Peace Channel for empowering the youth to be the change makers.

Mrs. Thungchano Tsanglao, President Eloe Hoho, Wokha, too shared her experience to the youth. She said that the state is corrupted and there is no respect for children and women. Today women are the most vulnerable even in their homes. Peace should begin with family, respect your parents and you will know peace is in your family. It is the dissatisfaction among the individuals, groups and communities bring conflicts. She also said if the individuals don't not love oneself and respect oneself there is a possibility of conflict in the family and society. Therefore she exhorted all to love and respect.

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