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Doctrine divides, Action unites


  July 2014

The smiles of these children from the Tharu ethnic minority community in Nepal do not indicate that many of them
will drop out of school and become child laborers because the medium of instruction is foreign to them.
(Photo from


Mother Tongue Education: The Foundation of Tharu Children Learning in School
Shree Ram Chaudhary

For the children of the Tharu and other ethnic communities in Nepal, an education is a door out of the impoverished lives that most of them experience. However, as this article notes, it is difficult to take advantage of this opportunity when the children do not fully comprehend the language in which they are being taught. [Read more]


Meghi’s Pursuit
Shree Ram Chaudhary and Bhagi Ram Chaudhary

During the People’s War that entered her district of Dang in Nepal in November 2001, Meghi BK’s husband was fatally shot by soldiers who presumed he was a Maoist. Her story in the book Sighs of the Conflict: Impact, Coping Mechanisms and Rebuilding of Lives in Dang produced by the Society for Environment Education Development (SEED) explains how she reacted to this tragedy. [Read more]


The Wave of Young People Can Change Cambodia’s Future
Phiev Tong Him

Today social, economic, environmental and political issues in Cambodia are increasingly becoming the concern of its citizens. The author explains how Cambodia’s youth are leading attempts to respond to these challenges in society and the obstacles they are facing in trying to do so. [Read more]


Burma Must Find a Path to a More Tolerant Society
Burma Partnership

During the first week of July, Burma once again endured violence between its Buddhist and Muslim communities—this time in the major city of Mandalay. Like past occurrences of communal violence in the country since June 2012, the police were present but merely as inactive and ineffective bystanders. Surprisingly, the international community was also largely silent. [Read more]


Minorities Hoodwinked Yet Again in Pakistan
Asian Human Rights Commission

The Supreme Court of Pakistan made a landmark ruling in June to protect the rights of religious minorities in the country. While this judicial decision offers a number of positive measures to uphold the rights of people who have faced persecution for years, this article provides a dose of skepticism of the government’s implementation of the judgment based on the history of other similar initiatives. [Read more]


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