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Capacitation on Peace Building to Prevent Violent Conflicts

Participants listening to speakerPeace Channel conducted one day Capacity Building programme for its peace club leaders, members and teacher coordinators on October 10, at the Peace Channel Conference Hall, Dimapur.

While addressing the gathering Rev. Dr. C. P. Anto the director of Peace Channel and Principal NEISSR said that we need to capacitate the youth and adult on peace building, conflict resolutions and techniques of conflict transformation like peace education, dialogue negotiation etc.,. He also stressed on the role of government and nongovernment organization in the process of finding solutions for the existing conflicts and preventing future conflicts. He gave the importance of ‘Peace Education’ in the context of Nagaland. It is the means to accept and respect the differences and fight for all forms of exclusivists thinking.

Peace Channel Commemorates its 10th Foundation Day and International Day of Peace

Audience members at Peace Channel Foundation Day Anniversary and International Day of Peace CommemorationTo commemorate the 10th year of its existence and the International Day of Peace, Peace Channel organized a day program under the theme “Partnerships for Peace- Dignity for All” at Don Bosco Institute of Development and Leadership (DBIDL) on 21st September, 2015. The program was graced by Rev. Varghese Alengaden, the Founder Universal Solidarity Movement Indore as the chief guest. In his speech, he congratulated Peace Channel for making a difference in the society by touching the young people and the youths. He added that Peace comes from an agreement from one’s heart and encouraged the young people to stay committed towards Peace Building. Peace Channel Members should lead a philosophy of life based fully on peace. Peace should be the only way for the members, in dreakming, thinking and acting for peace.

Working for Peace and Sustainability

The following article is from the June 2015 issue of Bendum News. Bendum News is a publication of the Apu Palamguwan Cultural Education Center (APC), a community-based, Jesuit-run, DepED-recognized elementary school for children on the border of Bukidnon and Agusan del Sur provinces in Mindanao, Philippines. APC is part of MPI's broader network, with some of their staff being alumni of MPI's Annual Peacebuilding Training.

Pandawat, Dalupaan ha Gaup

By: Pedro Walpole

Pedro Walpole at the start of the new year of study wel-comed the new school manager to Apu Palamguwan Cultural Education Center along with the Tribal Council. It was an occasion of much anticipation and hope for the coming years .

A pandawat is when we welcome a stranger as a friend; it is when we share food, life experiences and our hopes. So great is our hope and aspiration we ask our loved ones, ancestors, all life on the land (tanghaga) and Migtanghaga (Creator) to join us in this celebration of and gratitude for life.

Pedro reviewing the work of the youth in forest activities that can be made into management plan.
Pedro reviewing the work of the youth in forest activities that can be made into management plan.

At the same time as we welcome Ruben from Sultan Kudarat, our new manager and remember his family; we share our experiences of over twenty years of organized education in Bendum and the long process of developing the gaup or ancestral domain. After twenty more years of learning in community, of basic education and cultural knowledge, we are now sharing that knowledge formally in our integrated program of grade seven. This bridging of our bimonthly youth program (hulas) and the new level in our integrated cultur-al education is a further beginning. We are proud of our four young foresters already assisting in natural regeneration, our carpenters and masons.

Students listening to speakers at Passion for Excellence Program

Passion for Excellence Programme Held

Assisi Hr. Sec. School, Dimapur organized one day Passion for Excellence Programme for the Class VII - XII students of the school, on the 30th May 2015. While welcoming the gathering Rev. Sr. Benny Fernandez, the principal of the school said that we can achieve if we are rightly motivated even beyond what seems to be impossible. She welcomed the resource person, Rev. Dr. C.P. Anto, Principal of NEISSR and Director of Peace Channel and his team.

We Need More Peace Builders to Prevent Future Violent Conflict

We Need More Peace Builders to Prevent Future Violent Conflict

A three day Training of Trainers (TOT) on Fundamentals of Peace Building and Conflict Prevention and Resolution was organized by Peace Channel in Collaboration with North East Institute of Social Sciences & Research (NEISSR). Based on the recent incident of lynching of Syed Sharif Khan on the 5th of March, the training was aimed at capacitating the youth as peace builders in the context of Nagaland.

Fr. C. P. Anto, Director, Peace Channel and Principal of NEISSR, exhorted the participants to be peace builders in their own capacities and prevent all forms of violent conflict in their milieu. He shared that attainment of peace also needs human resource like any other developmental programmes. Thus, the onus is on the youth to work for peace and bring development. 'Trainings are not only meant to develop the skills, but also the development of aptitude and attitude', he added. He welcomed all the participants and expressed confidence that the participant will start thinking for peace, living for peace and working for peace.