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Faith and Peace Newsletter for October 2014

The October 2014 edition of the Faith and Peace Newsletter for October 2014 is now available here.  There are several articles on the Philippines, including an article by MPI Annual Peacebuilding Training volunteer Tirmizy Abdullah, Paving the Way for Peace in History Class.

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Peace Channel Human Rights Day 2015 participants posing for picture at the stage

Peace Channel Commemorated Human Rights Day “Respect Human Rights for Peace”

Peace Channel Dimapur on 10th December 2014 commemorated Human Rights Day under the theme “Respect Human Rights for Peace,” at Christ Hall, Holy Cross Higher Secondary School Dimapur. Rev. Fr. Chacko, Rector, Good Shepherd Seminary graced the occasion as the Chief Guest. In his message he encouraged Peace Channel for bringing the youth and the children for coming together to create awareness and promotion Human Rights. Assessing the contribution of the Nobel peace winners Ms. Malala  Yousufzai and Kailash Sathyarthi said that they could bring changes in the society. We need to follow their footprints to bring changes in our state Nagaland, by standing for the rights of children and people in Nagaland. In his message he quoted Malala "One child, one teacher, one book, and one pen can change the world.” He also said that we all want peace and all talks about peace and peace is possible but there are certain percent of people who interprets religion, law, customs according to their personal agenda thus depriving people of their basic human rights and peace. He also said that even if the laws and customs were set before, we should ask ourselves whether these laws and customs are still applicable in this present scenario. He stressed that we should stand on what we really believe in.

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Pray for peace and lasting solution in Nagaland

Peace club leaders and volunteers of Peace Channel family during the evaluation and planning for the peace programmes for 2014-2016  Peace Channel assessing the present scenario of the state, the founder- director, Rev. C.P. Anto, while exhorting the staff, peace club leaders and volunteers of Peace Channel family during the evaluation and planning for the peace programmes for 2014-2016 on the 28th – 29th 2014. In his message said that we are in a climax of settling the issue once and for all. The visit of Prime minister and the helpless situation of ouryouth and the people in the state has reached its saturated point. Now we need the lasting solution for our youth andchildren to have meaningful life like other children and youth in the other parts of the country. For that we need to pray, pray earnestly that our leaders will sit together fordialogue and reconciliation, for a lasting and inclusive solution for the long standing issue of our people. As we all know our family of peace lovers consists of over forty thousand children and youth along with a good number of teachers, volunteers and members of Peoples’ Forum for Peace (PFP). The main objective of this forum is to prevent conflicts in the villages and communities; they are members from different religions, communities and professions. C. P. Anto, also said that if we all actively involved in peace building we can have solution to it soon. He also handled a session on peace building in multi-cultural and religious society.

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Peace Studies and Conflict Transformation Course Flyer

Call of Application: Peace Studies and Conflict Transformation, Jan 20th- Feb 9th, 2015, Bangkok

International Institute of Peace and Development Studies (IIPDS) in cooperation with Asian Resource Foundation (ARF) and Asian Muslim Action Network (AMAN) announces a 3 weeks advance course on“Peace Studies and Conflict Transformation" in Bangkok, Thailand scheduled for January 20th – February 9th, 2015. The program is soliciting applications from professionals, peace and developmental workers, youth leaders, faith based workers, NGO activists, journalists, researchers and to those who are interested to develop and share their knowledge and skills in the field of peace and development.

Deadline for the submission of Application Form: 5th, January, 2015

Downloads (Click on the Text to Download):

1. Application Form

2. Course Information

3. Resource Person's List

4. Flyer

You can also download application form and other information from

For further information please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Note: IIPDS does not provide airfare and Visa expenses. The registration fee for the program is 250 USD.


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Participants at Heralding Peace activity

Heralding Peace Through Empathy

Lasting Peace Possible through Empathy says Kekhriesalie Vizo

A Youth Peace and Cultural Festival was organized by Peace Channel in collaboration with the Planning and Co-ordination Government of Nagaland and Nehru Yuva Kendra (NYK). It was held at Alder College, Kohima, on 8 of November 2014, under the theme "Heralding Peace through Empathy."

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