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TOT Participants

We Need More Peace Builders to Prevent Future Violent Conflict

A three day Training of Trainers (TOT) on Fundamentals of Peace Building and Conflict Prevention and Resolution was organized by Peace Channel in Collaboration with North East Institute of Social Sciences & Research (NEISSR). Based on the recent incident of lynching of Syed Sharif Khan on the 5th of March, the training was aimed at capacitating the youth as peace builders in the context of Nagaland.

Fr. C. P. Anto, Director, Peace Channel and Principal of NEISSR, exhorted the participants to be peace builders in their own capacities and prevent all forms of violent conflict in their milieu. He shared that attainment of peace also needs human resource like any other developmental programmes. Thus, the onus is on the youth to work for peace and bring development. 'Trainings are not only meant to develop the skills, but also the development of aptitude and attitude', he added. He welcomed all the participants and expressed confidence that the participant will start thinking for peace, living for peace and working for peace.

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Invitation to join PCDN

Free Professional and Academic Networking Site in Social Change, Conflict Resolution, Civil Society Development, and more

This is an invitation to join Peace and Collaborative Development Network (, a rapidly growing social enterprise that gathers over 34,000 professionals, organizations and students engaged in social change, development, peace, conflict resolution, gender, social entrepreneurship and related fields. We provide a one stop shop to inspire, connect, inform and provide the tools and resources to scale social change.

PCDN provides practical tools to advance social change, funding and career resources, peer networks opportunities and online and offline events.

Becoming a member is fast, easy and free. Please, take a minute to visit and explore the network.

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Educational Institutions as Peace Zones Participants

Educational Institutions as Peace Zones

A new batch of Peace Channel Club members were inducted at Assisi Hr. Sec. School, Dimapur on 3rd March, 2015. The chief guest, Rev. Fr. C.P. Anto, Director Peace Channel and Principal of NEISSR exhorted the gathering saying that all the Peace Club institutions should remain as a place of peace. Where all forms of discrimination is reduced and harmonious living is enhanced. He encouraged the members to create the school a place of peace by striving to prevent all forms of violent conflicts. He also spoke on the importance of peace education and conflict resolution skills. He demonstrated it with an example of a rubber band which breaks when stretched beyond a point. Conflict is natural but when it is stretched too much it will break. In the same way, relationship breaks when each individual claims to be righteous over the other individual/ groups but relationship gets closer when there is mutual respect for each other. He also quoted Mother Teresa's words that Peace begins with a smile and thus, urged the students to show good gestures with one another to create an environment of Peace.

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Nanette Salvador-Antequisa with award presenters

EcoWEB wins the Developmental Social Enterprise Award

We are proud to share that our partner Ecosystems Work for Essential Benefits, Inc. (ECOWEB) is this year's recipient of the Developmental Social Enterprise Award. Congratulations to EcoWEB!

As stated on the DSEA website, "The Developmental Social Enterprise Awards, presented by PwC Philippines and BCY Foundation aims to recognize developing and viable organizations that are committed to a social objective, and can be multipliers of social progress through their enterprises."

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The Role of Religion and Peace Education in Cultivating the Heart That Welcomes the Other

The minds of the leaders of the world are still set in thinking that national security is about being equipped with military arms and strength, that violence can be prevented by violence, and that violence can be resolved by violence. But is that so? . . . How can we change the mind-set of our leaders and our society from the culture of war to the culture of peace?

In the past as well as in our present world, going to war has been glorified as a noble and heroic act, and war movies are glamorized. But what is the truth about war? War dehumanizes us and the presumed enemy. It sets us to think that the “other” is the enemy. Our differences are exaggerated, and that allows prejudice, xenophobia, and scapegoating. Real or invented threats and brainwashing make us willing to sacrifice everything in war, even to the extent of committing genocide and ethnic cleansing. This is the true face of war that has been repeated in history countless of times at the expense of so many lives.

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