IMPACT Banner: Imagining Together Platform for Arts, Culture and Conflict Transformation

Making an Impact with IMPACT

MPI is a member of IMPACT (Imaging Together: A Platform for Arts, Culture and Conflict Transformation that describes itself as "… a collective values-driven collaboration of culturally and geographically diverse leaders in the arts, culture, conflict transformation, peacebuilding, higher education, philanthropy, and non-government sectors who understand the critical role that the arts and other aspects of culture play in transforming conflict." In September 2018, MPI was invited to a gathering of almost 30 people from various backgrounds and countries to discuss the creation of this platform and how it would be structured. Out of this meeting emerged a multi-faceted platform that included hubs in different parts of the world. MPI was invited to be the hub for Southeast Asia and takes opportunities to bring together peacebuilders, artists, cultural workers, and educators in its desire to be a catalyst for peace and social transformation.

To learn more. visit IMPACT's website.

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