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MPI Welcomes Phyusin Ngwethaw as a Rotary Peace Fellow Intern

MPI Welcomes Phyusin Ngwethaw as a Rotary Peace Fellow Intern

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MPI is pleased to welcome alumna and facilitator Phyusin Ngwethaw as an intern through the Rotary Peace Fellowship with the University of Queensland, Australia, to work with MPI’s Research, Documentation and Learning Program. Phyusin will be helping to identify and document best-practice peacebuilding experiences of MPI alumni and assess the relevance of MPI trainings. Part of her internship will take place at MPI’s office in Davao City, while part shall be with MPI partner organizations and MPI alumni in Laos. When in Laos, Phyusin plans to meet with MPI alumni and partner organizations for interviews and focus group discussions. She will then share these stories and lessons learned with MPI. MPI will in turn utilize what was learned to improve its own practices and share stories with our alumni and network.

As the Director of the Social Development Initiative-Myanmar (SDI) that is located in Yangon, Myanmar, Phyusin leads the organization in facilitating program design, planning, monitoring and evaluation of SDI’s community development and humanitarian assistance projects. Phyusin is recognized nationally as an expert, building the capacity of the armed forces and other groups in the area of civilian protection, particularly with children and youth. She also builds the capacity of those involved in local government structures focusing on development to ensure that they use a rights-based approach in their work. Phyusin advises various UN agencies, international and local NGOs, and international consultancy firms in the area of assessment, monitoring, and evaluation of humanitarian and development projects and programs with a conflict sensitive lens. Phyusin holds a MA in Public Policy from the National University of Singapore and is an alumna of MPI. Phyusin is currently a rotary peace fellow.

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