Picking up the rope: Where did we leave off half a year ago?

Picking up the rope: Where did we leave off half a year ago?

In early December 2018, the first batch of mentors from the Grassroots Peacebuilding Mentors Training Program of MPI, a group comprised entirely of people from Mindanao, met at Davao Eagle Ridge Resort for a midterm workshop. For three days, the mentors reflected on their six-months mentoring experience since the initial workshop held after MPI’s 2018 Annual Peacebuilding Training. They shared their stories and elaborated on the challenges and highlights in working with their mentees and the circumstances in which they work.

Ring toss activityIt was a timely event and gave the chance to make adjustments and to receive input from the two facilitators and resource persons from India, Ashok and Florina Xavier, as well as the project staff of MPI. Topics included: “Understanding me and mentee;” “Different leadership styles;” and “What kind of decision-maker and leader am I?”

"I only realized the importance of self-care and staff-care through the mentors training."

Like the initial workshop in May/June 2018, the days were filled with intensive reflection, sharing, games, fun, and learning.

In the first quarter of 2019, MPI will start the selection of the next batch of mentors-to-be. This time, in addition to 10 participants from the Philippines, MPI plans to have participants from Laos and India join the one-year training course. MPI is expecting this to be another dynamic year of learning, action, and reflection among MPI’s alumni-mentors, expanding MPI’s network of skilled and committed peacebuilders.

"I see now how important it is to provide space and opportunities to mentees, give them the opportunity to take responsibility and to make failures."

Grassroots Peacebuilding Mentors Training Program Participants

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