Report of the MPI 2016 Annual Peacebuilding Training

We are pleased to share with you the pdf Report of the MPI 2016 Annual Peacebuilding Training (5.56 MB) . The report provides an overview of all the activities and events that took place during the three-week training last May 16-June 3, 2016. Here, you will also read some of the reflections, insights and the collective experiences of those who were with us during this year’s Annual Peacebuilding Training.

MPI 2016 Annual Training Report Cover

  pdf Download the MPI 2016 Annual Peacebuilding Training Report here (5.56 MB) .

One important note about the MPI 2016 Report is that this is packaged differently, in an effort to make it more attractive and reader-friendly. We hope that you will enjoy reading this new formatted report. We would greatly appreciate hearing your responses, comments or suggestions on how we could do things better to improve both our reports and future trainings.

If you have not yet done so, take a look at the photos and videos from MPI's 2016 Annual Peacebuilding Training.

On another matter, we are happy to announce that we have already fixed the dates for the MPI 2017 Annual Peacebuilding Training, which will be held from May 8-26, 2017, in Davao City, Philippines. The MPI 2017 Information Packet will be shared with you by the first week of December, when applications will be officially opened. We will be sharing updates and the exciting new courses that we are developing for MPI 2017 in the weeks to come. As always, we ask that you help us disseminate this information to your colleagues, partners, networks, and friends.

Additionally, all updates and announcements about the upcoming 2017 training will be posted here on our website and on our Facebook page. We encourage you to visit these sites from time to time for the latest news and updates about MPI and the training.

We are truly grateful for your continued support to MPI. We look forward to hearing from you and hopefully seeing you next year.

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