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MPI director Christine Vertucci giving a talk to students sitting at round tables

CHRIST (Deemed to be University) Centre for Peace Praxis

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MPI congratulates CHRIST (Deemed to be University) in Bangalore, India, for inaugurating the Centre for Peace Praxis on 16 August 2023. The event was attended by 265 participants, including faculty, students, and special guests. The establishment of the center was made possible by the efforts and initiative of MPI alumnus and facilitator Dr. MM “PK” Padmakumar with the support of Vice Chancellor Dr. Fr. Jose CC and some faculty members of the university.

Speakers and dignitaries standing on the stage in front of a stand with a cross surrounded by candlesIn her keynote address, MPI director Christine Vertucci lauded the efforts of CHRIST (Deemed to be University) to integrate peace education into their curriculum and to raise the consciousness of the academic community about the importance of building a culture of peace on the campus and beyond.

“The establishment of the Centre for Peace Praxis as a multiplier for a critical mass of dynamic individuals is truly inspiring. By creating a platform for dialogue, knowledge-sharing, and collaboration, you are fostering a community of peacebuilders, who will work together to transform conflicts and promote a more harmonious society.”

Ms. Vertucci also challenged the students and faculty members to seek personal transformation and to challenge their own prejudices, discriminatory behaviors, and superior attitudes in order to become authentic peacebuilders.

Two dancers in traditional costumesThe event also featured speeches by Vice Chancellor Dr. Fr. Jose CC, a poetry performance by Ms. Shruti Lohar, and a dance performance by students from different departments.

In the afternoon, some students and faculty members joined a peacebuilding workshop facilitated by Dr. MM Padmakumar to familiarize participants with the basic concepts of peacebuilding and conflict transformation.

The Centre for Peace Praxis inauguration marked a significant step towards the promotion of inclusive peacebuilding by creating a safe space accessible to the youth and educators in India. Looking forward, there are plans to seek research grants for science stories with global significance, aligning with the goal of promoting peace on a broader scale. We look forward to the center's continued contributions to the community and beyond in the realm of peacebuilding.

Guests and attendees standing outside for photo

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