The Invitation (Up the Hills of Peace)

The Invitation (Up the Hills of Peace)

  pdf The Invitation (Up the Hills of Peace) (1.62 MB) is a book of poetry by MPI Alumnus Julius Nzang.

"Most of the poems in this collection speak of several distinct times in the progression of the conflict in Cameroon, especially in the wake of its violent turn around. Some of them are based on personal experiences, personal responses to collective experiences, and collective responses to experiences within the confines of the conflict. Others, just like every work of art, meet expressly the unique criterion of the genre, while some fall under free verse. As you read, try to empathize with the human who lives these dilemmas on a daily basis, whose reality has been radically shifted from calm and peacefulness to brutality, insecurity and uncertainty (from the Introduction)."

The invitation
(Up the Hills of Peace)

Come up to the hills of peace
Shake the quarrelling off your feet
There may still be hope for retreat
If you will only climb the gentle steep.

Rise up like a slithering bee
The narrow paths can set you free
No detergent can wash you clean
But at least you’ll find here no mockery

Breathe, lay down your mask of emotions
Let’s examine what heaves the commotion
What cause or provocation
This is where peace sends war on vacation

We’ve both sailed through freezing islands
Our blazing tempers lit up whole cities
Here at this table we'll try to shake hands
And hope to resolve our hidden miseries

Peace has a chance at this table,
If you can’t climb the hill I’ll bring it to you.
If it’s too dark to see I can light a candle
Our lives are worth more than me and you.


The Invitation (Up the Hills of Peace) is the first online book of an MPI alumnus/a published by the Mindanao Peacebuilding Institute. We feel privilidged to have participated in this effort to promote peace through art and to share such work with our alumni and our network.

You may pdf download a standerd PDF version here (1.62 MB) , suitable for reading online.

You may pdf download a booklet format here (1.07 MB) , best for printing in booklet format on letter size (8 ½ by 11) paper.

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