Amani Volunteering Program in Social Justice News

Social Justice News Volume 2, Issue 4 Cover PageGlory Mulimba (2015) shared with us the Social Justice News Volume 2, Issue 4, which highlights the Amani Volunteering Program initated by All for Social Justice in Lubumbashi, DR Congo.

This program aims to make young Congolese ambassadors of peace and non-violence in their respective local communities. Its main objectives are: to equip young people with skills in nonviolent conflict management and in entrepreneurship; to carry out with young people various projects aimed at promoting positive peace and non-violence in youth circles as well as empowering them economically; and finally to create a spirit of collaboration and unity among young people so that they can engage effectively and objectively in the promotion of a culture of peace and non-violence.

You may pdf download the newsletter here (1.19 MB) .

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