Keeping the Lamp Lit and Emboldening the Peacebuilders Around the World

Glimpses of post MPI 2015

Sister Ella NabenOn July 1, 2015, Sister Ella Naben from Indonesia presented what she learned from MPI to the president and faculty of their university. They liked what Sister Ella shared and asked her to conduct a workshop for the faculty.

Sister Ella also applied some of what she learned at MPI in her work with the students and the Campus Ministry members, including the energizers learned during MPI’s 2015 Annual Peacebuilding Training.

Uka Pinto with Lancedell MathewsUka Pinto of Timor Leste wrote that she had the opportunity to share what she learned at MPI with her colleagues from the Peace Studies department at Universidade Nacional Timor Lorosa'e (UNTL). She helped to develop the module for Peace Studies - Introduction to Peace and Conflict Studies. Uka included some important key lessons that she learned from Introduction to Conflict Transformation and Conflict Sensitive Economic Governance classes.

In addition, Uka is still working with the coffee producers in Ermera. She teaches there every Saturday. Uka says, “I am always ready to help the school in Ermera. This is my commitment as a Peace Centre member and as an MPI alumna.”

Jenee PeterJenee Peter of Union Christian College in India shared that they have already begun implementing peace education in their classes at UCC. “The College management is very happy with the MPI experience that I shared with them,” Jenee wrote.

On July 10, 2015, she presented a paper on inter-religious understanding and peacebuilding in a regional seminar organized by the College. She showed pictures from the discussion with guest speakers at MPI. The experience at MPI enhanced Jenee’s confidence to speak on sensitive topics. She was also able to answer many controversial issues that were discussed by multi-faith students, particularly on Islam and terrorism, which were discussed in the IDPB (Interreligious Dialogue and Peacebuilding) class at MPI.

On another occasion, Jenee presented a paper on Teachers as Facilitators of Learning: The Philippines Experiment. It was attended by 40 teachers. They conducted a simulation activity similar to one done in the Conflict Resolution Skills (CRS) class.
Jenee shared on a Facebook post, on “August 6th 2015, we had a huge gathering of students, including four service learning participants from the International Christian University, Tokyo, spreading the message of peace by making hundreds of Sadako cranes ... “

Jenee expressed her hope that MPI “will grow and have branches in alumni countries and have training sessions in different nations on resolving themes and issues affecting peace in local contexts.” So does MPI!

Jenee expressed her gratitude to MPI for “keeping the lamp lit and emboldening the peacebuilders around the world.”

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