Keeping religion out of a conflict: Learning from the Kenyan Church

International Journal of Sociology and Anthropology coverMPI alumnus Kisuke Ndiku wrote to us to share and call for thanks giving as they continue on the path of Peace Making.

Kisuke shared with us a research paper titled Keeping religion out of a conflict: Learning from the Kenyan Church published in the International Journal of Sociology and Anthropology that is a testimonial of the on-going initiatives in Kenya (not his personal work).

Kisuke went on to write, "Let us be both grateful and thankful that such a voice could be raised as indicated in this research paper.

"But let us also continue to pray for the Kenyan Church on its role for peace, in peace, on peace and at peace within and outside in its constituency.

"A specific person to remember is Rev. Stephen Anyenda, Coastal Interfaith Council of Clerics based in Mombasa, working along the region Kismayo to Vanga of Kenya's Coast. He has had very positive impact working with inter-religious leadership including - Hindu Council of Kenya, NCCK , Muslims – Imams and Preachers of Kenya, and the Supreme Council of Muslims of Kenya, the Catholic Church, the Evangelical Fellowship of Kenya (comprising of many Pentecostal/Evangelical churches), the Africa Instituted Churches, and the Kayas (African traditional religious/practices). All these have their various shrines, mosques, and churches where peace messages and right relationships are a major focus."

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