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Keeping religion out of a conflict: Learning from the Kenyan Church

International Journal of Sociology and Anthropology coverMPI alumnus Kisuke Ndiku wrote to us to share and call for thanks giving as they continue on the path of Peace Making.

Kisuke shared with us a research paper titled Keeping religion out of a conflict: Learning from the Kenyan Church published in the International Journal of Sociology and Anthropology that is a testimonial of the on-going initiatives in Kenya (not his personal work).

Kisuke went on to write, "Let us be both grateful and thankful that such a voice could be raised as indicated in this research paper.

"But let us also continue to pray for the Kenyan Church on its role for peace, in peace, on peace and at peace within and outside in its constituency.

"A specific person to remember is Rev. Stephen Anyenda, Coastal Interfaith Council of Clerics based in Mombasa, working along the region Kismayo to Vanga of Kenya's Coast. He has had very positive impact working with inter-religious leadership including - Hindu Council of Kenya, NCCK , Muslims – Imams and Preachers of Kenya, and the Supreme Council of Muslims of Kenya, the Catholic Church, the Evangelical Fellowship of Kenya (comprising of many Pentecostal/Evangelical churches), the Africa Instituted Churches, and the Kayas (African traditional religious/practices). All these have their various shrines, mosques, and churches where peace messages and right relationships are a major focus."

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An Update from the Solomon Islands

Reuben Lilo giving a testimony during the 2014 Annual Peacebuilding Training
Watch Reuben Lilo's testimonial during MPI's 2014 Annual Peacebuilding Training.

I really learned a lot from the recent MPI I attended in May 2014 at Mindanao. I have helped to coordinate the facilitation of two separate Trauma Healing Equipping Workshops here in Honiara, Solomon Islands in the first and second week of November. The Workshop was facilitated by American Bible Society for the Ministry staff. The first week was dedicated to the Provincial Staff and the second week was dedicated to the Head Quarter staff.

Every body was so excited as this is the first Trauma Healing workshop ever organized for the Ministry of National Unity, Reconciliation and Peace. With the basic trauma healing training I had in Mindanao, and the resource personnel and friends I interacted with helped to resource me to play the assisting role of assistant facilitator during the workshop. Our Permanent Secretary, Undersecretary of Policy, Undersecretary of Administration, Financial Controller, Human Resource Managers and all subordinate officers were included in the workshop. Such basic training really helped our Ministry to understand some problematic areas in bridging and facilitating our peace and reconciliation programs.


Reuben Lilo
Director of Peace and Reconciliation
Ministry of National Unity, Reconciliation and Peace
Solomon Islands Government


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Kisuke Ndiku

An Update One Year On!

Since the 2013 MPI Annual Peacebuilding Training, I have undertaken a number of initiatives attempting to apply what I learned. In line with my proposed MPI Action, I first chose to look for tools that can facilitate peace analysis but have found none so far. Community identity is also a major factor causing conflicts in the Region in which I work. Even in a peaceful community, anything threatening community identity can cause tension. This notwithstanding, in these same communities there are pockets of peace and harmony and people urging peaceful co-existence. This creates a basis for peace workers to look for pillars of peace that remain standing even in times of conflict. Identifying the pillars by their category and type would provide scope on how to profile and scale them up enhancing peace. This is my current passion.

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Publications of interest by UI Shiori

We here at MPI are very pleased to share with you the links below to various articles on peacebuilding. UI Shiori, an alumna from the MPI 2010 Annual Peacebuilding Training is a co-author of these publications. The second was co-authored with MPI Facilitator Miriam l. Suacito. UI Shiori recently shared these articles with us.

Building peace through participatory health training: A case from Cambodia

Building peace through participatory health training: A case from Cambodia.

Case Study of Grassroots Peacebuilding by Nagdilaab Foundation Inc., Basilan, Philippines

 Case Study of Grassroots Peacebuilding by PADEK, Siem Reap Siem Reap Siem Reap, Cambodia

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The MPI Effect

Tahim and Rahim behind a Kaliwat dancer
Tahim and Rahim behind a dancer from the Kaliwat Performing Artists Collective during the "parade of nations" entrance.

For two young peacebuilders from Afghanistan, attending the 15th Annual Peacebuilding Training was a life-changing and amazing experience that has created beautiful ripples in both their lives. From May 11 to 30, 2014, Rahim and Tamim participated in a peacebuilding training organized annually by the Mindanao Peacebuilding Institute, through the sponsorship of the International Assistance Mission (IAM). The training was held in Davao City, Philippines.

Though still both in their early 20s, they have already exhibited an awareness and commitment to contribute and bring positive change to their respective provinces and country. Rahim Hamgom is the English and Computer Facilitator of IAM in the province of Badakhshan, working closely with the education sector in the area; while Tamim Ebrahimi is the Assistant Program Manager of the Peacebuilding Project of the same organization based in Kabul.

They shared that they not only learned varied peacebuilding teaching tools and methods—which are certainly valuable and helpful to their respective work—but also the meaningful connection with friends and fellow peacebuilders from around the world and the opportunity to live in a community of people coming from different faiths and background. Several months after the completion of the training, they have now started applying much of what they acquired from MPI.

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