Novee Wila Rafaela (fourth from left) with MPI alumni and staff at Stella Maris College in India

Accepting and Embracing the New Reality

The Greek philosopher Heraclitus once said, “The only constant in life is change.”

We are still facing the biggest upheaval of 2020. It has changed our lives, our relationships, and our peacebuilding work by 180 degrees. This change has led many of us to reflect, rethink, and recapture our visions of peace, our hopes, and our dreams that were put on hold because of the pandemic. Simultaneously, this has allowed us to accept the current situation and embrace the new reality in terms of learning, interacting, and living.

Being in this new reality where everyone is shifting to completely online makes us nervous, giddy, and anxious. Yet, it also makes us feel excited and eager as we await the future since this is something new, something we never tried, and something different from what we were used to. Because of the need to adapt to the changes around the world and in our society, it is challenging us to think creatively and positively as well as outside the box to remain relevant in this time of crisis and to continue with our vision to create just and peaceful communities in Asia-Pacific and beyond.