MPI Annual Peacebuilding Training Participants Locking Arms

Peacebuilding in the Time of COVID-19

Since we sent you the last newsletter, the world has turned upside down and so many of us throughout the world are in quarantine or lockdown with our families, relatives, friends, or alone. We are in a new situation. The questions for all of us are: What are we, the peacebuilders, being called to do in this extraordinary time? What is our role now as peacebuilders in the face of COVID-19? What special gifts do we have that can be offered to comfort and heal each other, our families, and our communities? How can we use our peacebuilding skills to understand the power dynamics visible throughout this pandemic and to address the systemic inequalities that have been so clearly exposed?

There will be no going back to where we were before the pandemic. As a world community, we are at a critical juncture that requires creativity, sensitivity, inclusivity, inspiration, and deep critical thinking to give birth to a new reality based on justice and peace. Many people throughout the world know this, feel this, and want to courageously take action to save us and our planet. MPI is part of this movement, and we are doing our small part as shared in the stories that will follow. At the same time, we are searching for the answers to the questions raised above. Let us link arms with so many peacebuilders and others in all parts of the globe and join this creative process with our peacebuilding lens to bring into existence something new, just, and of benefit to all creation.