MPI 2016 Public Forum

MPI organized a Public Forum on 21 May 2016 entitled, “Overcoming Challenges: Making Just, Peaceful and Inclusive Societies a Reality.”  This Public Forum was held as part of the Special Events Program of the MPI 2016 Annual Peacebuilding Training to provide an opportunity for mutual learning and sharing among the people of Mindanao and other countries in Asia, Africa, the Pacific, Europe and North America. This year, the Public Forum provided a safe space for a meaningful discussion on how peacebuilding can be implemented, particularly in light of the new UN SDGs, in the midst of our current realities—the issues of radicalization, xenophobia, religious discrimination and the growing culture of fear.

There were distinguished speakers from three continents and the Pacific who shared their experiences and insights on the ways in which peacebuilding can be implemented in a world faced by the radicalization of youth, the exclusion of certain peoples, religious discrimination, and the presence of extremist and terrorist groups, taking into consideration the mainstreaming of the UN SDG Goal 16: Peace, justice and strong institutions. You can read more about the forum here in an article written by the forum's facilitator, Mags Maglana. Be sure to watch the videos here, especially the keynote address by Joan McGregor.

Itroduction and Rationale

Keynote Address by Joan McGregor

Introduction to the Respondents and presentation by Odile Bulabula from the Democratic Republic of Congo

Christian Tabea from the Solomon Islands

Shagota Chism from Bangladesh

Open Forum

Synthesis and Conclusion by Mags Maglana