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Research and Documentation

Refining Learning, Enhancing Knowledge, and Sharing Materials related to Peacebuilding through:

1. Documentation and publication of applied best peacebuilding practices of MPI alumni

MPI will produce articles, stories, monographs and other publications that document the ways that the MPI alumni have applied what they learned in the field. MPI will record lessons learned and use these as a way to improve MPI’s training programs and to assist other emerging peace institutes through sharing.

2. Curricular development and production of training materials

MPI systematically prepares the content and process of the courses that are offered annually, and designs new courses and materials that respond to identified needs of MPI’s network.

3. Conflict trend analysis

MPI will conduct research on critical issues related to peace and conflict in the region, and use the findings to improve and develop its program activities, especially its curriculum and teaching materials.