Norodin D. Salam

Norodin D. SalamMr. Norodin D. Salam, Member, is the founding Director of the Peace Center and Director of Office on External Affairs and International Relations of Cotabato City State Polytechnic College in Mindanao, Philippines, where he served as Dean of College of Business and Public Administration. Prior to this, Norodin was the Coordinator of the Institute for Interreligious Relations at Notre Dame University in Cotabato City, where he obtained his PhD in Peace and Development. He is the president of the Salam Humanitarian Initiatives for Equity Local Development and Global Associate of Goldin Institute Philippines. Norodin is an on-call consultant to the Bangsamoro Transition Commission. He has been engaged in research projects with national and international organizations in order to develop effective teaching methodologies. He has published instructional materials on Peace Education in relation to gender, conflict resolution and human rights. Norodin was a Fulbright Scholar on Religious Pluralism at the University of California, Santa Barbara.